King, a 4-year-old pit bull rescued from a county shelter in Texas by Houston Street Dogs, has only a few days left to live. Sadly, he was not given preventive treatment for heartworm by his previous owner. Since King is experiencing congestive heart failure, he cannot be helped by any medical intervention. The good news is that a loving human, Casey Keller, upon seeing King’s picture, decided immediately to open her home to him and help him live out his bucket list during the time he has left. Fox 26 Houston reports the story:

So far, King has been eating lots of yummy meals:

king the dog breakfast of champions

Source: Houston Street Dogs

He’s also been enjoying a puppucino or two:

king puppucino

Source: Houston Street Dogs

He’s been doing some professional modeling, of course:

king the dog professional photograph

Source: Houston Street Dogs

King’s been stopping to smell the flowers:

king the dog smells the roses

Source: Houston Street Dogs

And he’s been liberally sampling all kinds of meat and treats:

king the dog samples pork

Source: Houston Street Dogs

Houston Street Dogs is a small organization that focuses on bully breeds and relies entirely on foster homes to care for their rescue dogs. If you’d like to make a donation to support King’s care and the overall work of the organization, visit their website.

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