Back when YouTube was new and Facebook was only for college students, there was a dog who stood the negative stereotypes about pit bulls on end.

He was originally labeled as a liability by the shelter, but after being adopted by me and my wife Clara, went on to become one of the best Frisbee dogs in the world.

He was the first pit bull to win a national and world championship in the sport of Canine Flying Disc. He was the first pit bull to win a national championship of any kind for the Purina Pro Plan Incredible Dog Challenge. He has been referred to as the Jackie Robinson of pit bulls on more than one occasion, as his actions and accomplishments rose above all the noise surrounding dogs that looked like him at the time.

His worth could not be denied, even by people who didn’t like pit bulls. That dog was Wallace the Pit Bull.

wallace the pit bull book

Source: Pit Bulletin Legal News Network

In 2012, Pit Bulletin Legal News Network started presenting an annual award to the individual — human or canine — who brings the most positive attention to pit bull type dogs and generates an atmosphere of change throughout the year.

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Wallace was the first recipient of the award, and it was then named in his honor. In 2013, the Wallace Award was presented to Lori Weise of Downtown Dog Rescue who does amazing work in the South L.A. area.

wallace award lori weise

Source: Wallace the Pit Bull Foundation

In 2014, it was presented to Rebecca Corry for her tireless work through the Stand Up for Pits Foundation, and for organizing the 1 Million Pibble March on Washington, D.C.

rebecca corry wallace pit bull award

Source: Pit Bulletin Legal News Network

Last year Deirdre Franklin was presented with the award for her dedication to helping the dogs through Pinups for Pitbulls.

deirdre franklin Pinups for Pitbulls wallace award

Source: Pinups for Pitbulls

So the question now is who will receive the Wallace Award for 2016?!

Wallace award 2016

Source: Wallace the Pit Bull Foundation

Starting this year, the Wallace the Pit Bull Foundation will be presenting the Wallace Award, but we need your help! Nominations will be accepted through November 5, 2016.

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If you think there’s somebody deserving of this award and recognition, send their name in an email to with the subject “Wallace Award.”

Include a brief reason for the nomination, and any relevant websites or social media sites so we can investigate further if necessary. The prize will also come with a $1,000 donation to the organization of the recipient’s choice, so get your nominations in!

We look forward to hearing about all the amazing people out there doing incredible things for the dogs, and thank all of you for your efforts.

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Header image via Wallace the Pit Bull Foundation and Pinups for Pitbulls