When Patricia Drauch found out that her 14-month-old baby Stanley had fallen into the pool in her backyard, she imagined the worst: her son was drowning.

Patricia was going into her garage to get a gardening tool when she noticed Stanley wasn’t walking next to her anymore. She frantically searched the backyard only to find her baby in the pool. Naturally, Patricia panicked. This was a parent’s worst nightmare.

Luckily, the Drauch family had a hero in their midst: their brave Black Lab, Bear.

hero dog saves baby drowning

Screenshot via Wood TV8 / YouTube

“It was scary,” Patricia told Wood TV8. “His lips were blue, his eyes were rolled back.”

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Patricia was terrified to see her son floating under the water. But as she looked closer, Patricia realized that baby Stanley wasn’t drowning at all. The family dog Bear had taken action!

hero dog saves baby stanley

Screenshot via Wood TV8 / YouTube

Bear jumped right into the pool just after Stanley fell in and balanced Stanley on his back so Stanley wouldn’t drown. Bear refused to move until Patricia came back and got Stanley. Now that’s loyalty!

“I don’t think Stanley would have made it,” Patricia told Wood TV8. She added, “It’s proof that he’s got enough love for the kids, that it’s more than just our hunting dog.”

family dog running in field

Screenshot via Wood TV8 / YouTube

Unfortunately, things didn’t end there. After she got her son out of the pool, Patricia noticed that Stanley wasn’t breathing. She tried to call 911, but the call wouldn’t go through.

So Patricia got her kids into the car and rushed Stanley to the fire department. Stanley’s brother Kyle explained that Stanley started spitting up water and started reviving in the car.

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Still, they went to the fire department where firefighters worked to revive him and brought him to the hospital. Luckily, Stanley was revived and released from the hospital the same day.