Go Hugo, go! That’s been the motto on The Tucker Farm as they document their swimmer puppy Hugo’s rehabilitation.

Hugo is an adorable pup with swimmer’s syndrome. He arrived at Fulton County Animal Services in Atlanta as a stray when he was just four to five weeks old.

While they don’t know much about his past, Stacey Greenwald from Friends to the Forlorn Pitbull Rescue told PupJournal that they believe Hugo was thrown away by a backyard breeder once they learned about his condition.

According to Greenwald, Hugo was in “really rough shape,” so FCAS asked Friends to the Forlorn to step in. Friends to the Forlorn often helps with FCAS’ “special cases.”

That’s where Elizabeth LaBauve-Williams came in. She and her family at The Tucker Farm quickly came to the rescue a few days after Christmas.

“They were the perfect foster home for this little guy!” Greenwald told PupJournal. “Over the following weeks and months, Elizabeth and her family (especially her adorable ‘helpers,’ her daughters) have done an incredible job getting Hugo healthy and working tirelessly on his rehab.”

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Hugo couldn’t walk when he first came to the Tucker Farm. But with patience and care, LaBauve-Williams and her family not only got Hugo walking, but also running and playing like the happy puppy he is.

With the help of her daughters and the other animals at The Tucker Farm, LaBauve-Williams got Hugo comfortable and moving around.

At first, they would do simple exercises with Hugo like propping him up on a stuffed animal just to get him used to being in the right position. They went on to giving him massages, taping his legs to position and strengthen them, and doing water therapy with him at Georgia Veterinary Rehabilitation. They would also get him to walk for treats like peanut butter and yogurt.

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In the beginning, Hugo would get frustrated when he couldn’t get where he wanted to go. But Hugo started to transform!

LaBauve-Williams posted countless updates showing Hugo going from a puppy who couldn’t stand to him scooting around, taking his first tentative steps, making his way through water, walking on concrete for the first time, and even playing with other dogs, animals, and kids on the farm.

“The incredibly cute baby goats at The Tucker Farm even have a hard time keeping up with him,” Greenwald revealed.

Finally, Hugo can act like the happy, energetic puppy he is! “Sure is fun to see Hugo get to be a puppy! #gohugogo” The Tucker Farm captioned an adorable video of Hugo playing.

And Hugo’s happy ending doesn’t end there. He has an approved application for adoption! Once he’s medically ready, this lucky pup will start his two-week foster-to-adopt process. And then he’ll go on to the forever home he so richly deserves.

Header images via The Tucker Farm / Facebook