Pups can be trained to do amazing things. Service dogs can help people with disabilities, while therapy dogs can help support people through moments of high pressure or anxiety, and can even be reading buddies. Regardless of their task, these pups are truly superheroes-in-training.

Support Dogs Inc., a nonprofit based in St. Louis, Missouri, provides “highly skilled service dogs” for free to those that need them. This includes supporting individuals with disabilities, along with providing “uniquely trained therapy teams in the community,” according to their website.

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Mitch, the superdog-in-training featured in the video above, is part of the Court Room Assistance Program at Support Dogs. This program helps comfort children when they are preparing and giving testimony against a perpetrator.

Support Dogs has a number of other programs that feature superhero pups, such as training dogs to assist veterans and to provide mobility support to individuals with disabilities.

support dog puppy

Jingles, a soon-to-be-superhero (support dog). Source: Support Dogs Inc.

To keep up with Support Dogs, visit their Facebook page. To make a contribution and help them continue their great work, you can visit their website.

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Nancy Groth is a lifelong dog lover, and has raised two puppies as a volunteer with Support Dogs Inc. She shares her home with Charlotte, a beautiful black lab whose only downfall is giving TOO many kisses (which isn’t really a problem at all).