Evan the Survivor, a pup rescued from the second-largest dogfighting ring in U.S. history, is a champ at many things, including earning merit badges at summer camp. But one skill he has really mastered is the art of winning at bath time.

Heather Stephenson, Evan’s foster mom, told PupJournal, “we give the dogs baths every 1-2 weeks because it helps with allergies.” Charlie Stephenson, the foster dad that is shown giving the bath in the video, puts it bluntly, saying,

“Toofers [a.k.a. Evan] smells like maple syrup after a week or two. The others get somewhere between corn chip and whatever they get into outside.”

evan the survivor bath

Evan, Emmett, Ivy, and Penelope. Source: Heather Stephenson

The sweet pup burritos above are, clockwise from top left: Evan the Survivor; Emmett; Ivy; and Penelope. Evan gets along with his siblings very well — in fact, Emmett, who the Stephensons adopted, helped teach Evan how to be comfortable around other dogs.

bath time evan the survivor

Evan and Emmett. Source: Heather Stephenson

Although Evan has two foster homes — Heather Stephenson says they “can’t get enough” of him and that he is “beyond loved by many families” — he is still looking for a forever home. You can learn more and apply to adopt him through Twin Cities Pet Rescue.

You can see even more of Evan’s antics on his Facebook page, and the fun that his whole furry family has on their Land Hippos page.

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