If there’s one thing pit bull owners and lovers are familiar with, it’s the impressive snorts and sounds that a pittie can make to convey how they’re feeling. For Porky and Josie of the Bay Area Bullies Rescue, bacon is the reason behind some very funny antics — and sounds!

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Porkchop (aka Porky) and Josie Barker may have never known about bacon if they hadn’t been adopted by Jess Pombo and Sara Walchli, founders of the Bay Area Bullies Rescue and San Francisco K9 Training.

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Josie lying on Porky in bed. Source: bayarea_bullies / Instagram

Josie, a 5-year-old American pit bull terrier, was just one week old when she, her siblings, and their mother were dropped off at a high-kill shelter to be euthanized. Fortunately, the vet tech at the shelter reached out to a rescue, and the dogs were taken in.

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Josie suffered from Parvo, mange, and a few other health issues, but survived and was adopted at ten weeks old.

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Josie as a sickly puppy, and now as a healthy dog. Source: bayarea_bullies / Instagram

Sadly, Josie was returned to the rescue at six months old with another case of severe mange. Sara Walchli adopted her immediately and started her on a new diet and medical regimen to clear her of symptoms.

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Now Josie is described as “spunky” and “everyone’s friend!”

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Porkchop, a 5-year-old American Bully, was surrendered to the Bay Area Bullies at four months old. He had severe separation anxiety, which he has since overcome with the help of his owner/trainers Sara and Jess.

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Porky is now “generally in chill mode,” though he is obsessed with water. In fact, he owns the best recorded jump by an American Bully: 20.04 feet!

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Porky and Josie live with their two other rescue siblings, Diesel and Moose. The pups are a great help to Walchli and Pombo in training other dogs, as well as educating people on what wonderful dogs bully breeds are.

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From left to right: Josie, Porkchop, Moose, and Diesel. Source: bayarea_bullies / Instagram

While they may not have had the best starts to life, they’re clearly living their best lives now — and will continue to do so with their loving owners, Walchli and Pombo.

We hope all their days are filled with special treats, kisses, naps, running around, playing in the water, and of course — BACON!

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Porky (left) and Josie (right) hiking with now-adopted puppy Winston. Source: bayarea_bullies / Instagram

To learn more about San Francisco K9 Training, or to see what other dogs Bay Area Bullies have for adoption, please visit their website. Be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram as well.

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