There are a few elements you need to execute a birthday party well: a guest list; decorations; games; and, of course, the cake.

If your guests are dogs, these elements doesn’t change much — at least not for this family.

The family and their guests include a mix of adopted and fostered pups. The dogs came dressed and ready to celebrate two birthdays: the resident dachshund, Penelope, is turning 14, while one of the pit bull mixes, Emmett, is celebrating his 7th birthday.

Lest you think that the smaller (and older) party guests didn’t get their fair share — rest assured, cake was doled out evenly after the first round was consumed, according to Heather Stephenson, who headed up the puppy party planning.

dog birthday cake

Party guest Ivy. Image: Heather Stephenson

One of the distinguished guests was Evan the Survivor, who was rescued from the second-largest dogfighting ring in the U.S. He also goes by “Toothless,” or “Toofers.”

Until recently, Evan was a long-term foster pup with the Stephensons and another local family. Now, he’s been adopted, and will live out his retirement in a loving forever home. As you can see, he still maintains a full social calendar.

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puppy party

Waiting for cake to be served. Image: Heather Stephenson

The youngest guest was Dottie, a cake-eater-in-training who is still learning from her dog elders. (Dottie is available for adoption through Twin Cities Pet Rescue.)

doggie cake

Dottie takes it all in while the more experienced party guests feast. Image: Heather Stephenson

Other than Dottie, all of the pups in attendance have had ample practice as party guests. They’re still talking about Evan’s 4th of July-themed party from earlier this summer.

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dog cake party

Evan the Survivor savoring his cake. Image: Heather Stephenson

Though the party itself — and the accompanying outfits — was unbearably cute, this family of adopted and fostered pups have also become masters of cleaning up after party time is over.

dachshund party

Birthday girl Penelope! Image: Heather Stephenson

If you’re feeling inspired, the Stephensons have shared their top-secret (but very simple) doggie birthday cake recipe. Heather Stephenson suggests adding an icing made with peanut butter and Greek yogurt.

dog birthday cake recipe

Source: Heather Stephenson

Happy birthday, Penelope and Emmett — here’s to many more!

Remember to check out Dottie and other adoptable pups through Twin Cities Pet Rescue. You can also follow the party-loving dog family through their Facebook page, Land Hippos.

Header images courtesy of Heather Stephenson