When Max, a happy and relatively young goldendoodle, was diagnosed with diabetes this summer, his family didn’t expect much to change, other than some additional medications and treatments.

goldendoodle wears hat

Images courtesy of Sara Smith Hymowitz

But one night in October, something went terribly wrong.

Max was no longer able to see.

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Later, experts at Cornell University Veterinary Specialists explained that what happened to Max is not uncommon for dogs diagnosed with diabetes. In a post about Max, the specialists explain, “80% of dogs will develop cataracts within approximately 15 months of being diagnosed with diabetes.”

Cataracts caused Max’s blindness, and according to the vets, surgery was the best option. Though eye surgery sounds frightening, according to these specialists, “cataract surgery is commonly performed in dogs and is very successful.”

max the dog rides in car

Images courtesy of Sara Smith Hymowitz

Max was scheduled for surgery right away, and had to be kept at the hospital the night before the procedure. Max’s human, Sara Smith Hymowitz, told PupJournal,

“It was a heartbreaking couple of days, as I’m sure you can imagine.”

Yet, despite Hymowitz’s fears, Max came out of the surgery as happy as ever. She told PupJournal that “his vision was entirely restored.”