Graycie, an abandoned pup, was found lying near a dirt road on January 29th. She was emaciated, starved, and hypothermic, and likely very scared. Graycie was brought to Granite Hills Animal Care in Elberton, Georgia, where she began her care under veterinarian Andy Mathis.

After attending to her immediate medical needs, Dr. Mathis noticed that Graycie was not very comfortable around him, especially when eating.

Recognizing that Graycie could likely learn to trust humans again, Dr. Mathis decided to try sharing a meal with her in her kennel. According to an interview with Mathis on HLN TV, he decided,

“I’m just going to sit right here while you eat your food, so you can get used to me being around you.”

The video above shows Graycie slowly coming out of her shell with Dr. Mathis. Hopefully, her budding trust of humans will soon lead to an adoptive home.

graycie granite hills animal care

Graycie. Source: Granite Hills Animal Care

You can find the full story, along with updates on Graycie, on Granite Hills Animal Care’s Facebook page.

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