PupJournal recently fawned over a tiny Chihuahua named Poncho who has his own tiny bedroom under the stairs, complete with the cutest little decorations you could imagine.

With a human mom as crafty as Betty McCall, we wondered: does the room ever get re-decorated, or dressed up for the holidays?

harry potter

Source: Betty McCall

As it turns out, the answer is YES!

McCall, a retired teacher, has decorated Poncho’s room for the holidays several times over the past year.

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It started with a very festive Halloween makeover:

dog halloween

Source: Betty McCall

The decor then quickly changed for Election Day to honor McCall’s son, who was running for sheriff (note the tiny sheriff’s hat over the bed).

If you look closely, you will even see a tiny poster for McCall’s son’s campaign — and a little American flag poster that says “Poncho For President.”

dog president

Poncho for President! Source: Betty McCall

Looks like they skipped Thanksgiving, but came back in full force for Christmas — complete with miniature tree, wreath, stocking, gifts, and Santa suit. McCall told PupJournal that “Christmas ornaments make great chandeliers, so Poncho has had some of those year round.”

dog christmas

Source: Betty McCall

We found out more about the famous pup, including information that Poncho was actually pretty sick with Parvo when McCall and her late husband first got him.

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Her daughter, a veterinarian, nursed him to health — and clearly he’s living the best life!


Source: Betty McCall

McCall, who first got the idea for Poncho’s room from Pinterest, worked with carpenters building her house to create the space. It measures about 3.5′ x 3′ — the perfect size for “Ponchy” and just big enough for McCall to clean and do some decorating.

The electricians working on the house put in a small light and even an outlet for Poncho to have an electric blanket to keep him warm (under supervision, of course).

dog bedroom

Source: Betty McCall

McCall finds decorations for the room at Goodwill and garage sales, and her sisters and friends often gift them with things that would be “perfect for Poncho’s room.” That piano for “all of Poncho’s composing needs?” McCall heard it playing one day and thought Poncho had actually learned, but it turned out it was her granddaughter.

Poncho’s food and water bowls are always in the room for meals, and he likes to go in when he gets anxious around a crowd of people at the house, but he doesn’t spend too much time in the room.

In fact, he loves to hang out with his other siblings: Pete the Australian shepherd, and Pushy the cat (who McCall says like to host “dinner parties” with the stray cats that come up to her farm).

dog cat

Pete and Pushy, Poncho’s posse. Source: Betty McCall

McCall is already thinking about the next holiday decorations: Valentine’s Day. She says that Poncho has a new tea set, and that it might be time to find him a girlfriend. (Now accepting girlfriend applications!)

His room will also get a makeover for his birthday in March, and maybe he’ll even have a party with some of his furry friends.

Though Poncho isn’t on social media, we’ll keep our paws crossed that he will be in the future. For now, keep checking back for updates on his latest room decorations and adventures!

Header images via Betty McCall