Betty McCall of Rochelle, Georgia, wasn’t thinking about going viral when she came up with the idea of creating a bedroom under the stairs for her Chihuahua, Poncho.

She also wasn’t thinking about the fact that it was so similar to Harry Potter’s childhood room in the book series. According to Buzzfeed, McCall found an American Girl brass doll bed in a thrift store one day, and it all began from there.

Harry Potter dog room

Source: Fatisbac / Imgur

In addition to the bed, McCall outfitted the room with a tiny chest of drawers.

Her sisters Gail and Carol joined in the decorating fun and created a miniature lamp, a small rug, a tiny antler wall hanging, and even a Poncho-sized sombrero.

dog bedroom

Source: Fatisbac / Imgur

They added a scaled-down version of the Dogs Playing Poker painting for laughs. McCall found another tiny painting at a yard sale, as well as the pièce de résistance — a miniature piano in the corner. You know, for all of Poncho’s composing needs.

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Will Rigdon, McCall’s nephew, visited her home on Labor Day and found the surprising addition to his delight. He posted pictures of Poncho’s abode on Imgur, and the comments started pouring in.

Harry Potter

It really is tiny! Source: Fatisbac / Imgur

McCall told Buzzfeed that Poncho, aged 4, can sometimes get “nervous and snippy around company and loud noises.” Now, he likes to go and relax in his room when he’s feeling anxious.

And what a comfortable one it is! He can have a bite to eat, a little water, and then take a nap on his luxurious bed while his mom entertains.

dog bedroom

Source: Fatisbac / Imgur

We hope the creative sisters continue to find new things to make Poncho’s room the hottest crib in all of Dog Land. Maybe they’ll even come up with a new motif every few years? Perhaps some holiday decorations?

Either way, that’s one lucky dog.

Header images via Fatisbac / Imgur

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