Bueller, a 10-week-old puppy in Sacramento, California, was born without the ability to walk or stand. In fact, his entire litter was born with this condition, which is known as “Swimmer’s Syndrome.” Often, poor practices used by backyard breeders can lead to health problems such as this, according to representatives from the Sacramento SPCA and another local rescue organization, Front Street Animal Shelter.

Despite this rough beginning, Bueller is making great strides through water therapy and other treatment at the Sacramento SPCA.

Bueller’s has gained a huge number of fans, and his progress has been watched by many through the Sacramento SPCA’s Facebook page. In this video, Bueller is working hard to gain strength in his legs through water therapy:

Bueller has also been lucky enough to live in a foster home with a dog sibling, Ozzy. Ozzy has provided motivation for Bueller to keep learning to walk, through his “bouncer” device.bueller the puppy gets help

Bueller continues to work toward standing and walking on his own. Check out his amazing progress in this January 31st video from the Sacramento SPCA:

To make a donation toward Bueller’s care, visit the Sacramento SPCA’s website.

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