You won’t find better friends than Hoshi and Zen. The adorable pals quickly became inseparable when they first met, and they’ve been through everything together. So when Hoshi went blind, Zen became her buddy Hoshi’s very own seeing eye dog. Now that’s true animal friendship!

Hoshi suffered from glaucoma, and was in an incredible amount of pain. There were even times his family thought the American Eskimo dog wouldn’t make it.

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Ultimately, both of Hoshi’s eyes were removed when he was 11. Luckily, he had Zen by his side. Zen became Hoshi’s guide dog, so the BFFs can often be found walking and exploring side-by-side while attached to the same leash.

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And this is a mutually beneficial relationship. Zen and Hoshi’s family adopted Zen six months before Hoshi went blind. Zen was found wandering the streets in Spokane, Washington as a stray and had his own complications to overcome.

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Not only was Zen matted and dirty from life on the street, but he also had special needs of his own. He has a pulmonary edema, an enlarged heart, a narrowed trachea, and bad teeth.

And Zen was understandably scared coming into a new house as a stray. But Hoshi and Zen had an instant connection, and Hoshi was there for Zen, making sure he knew he was safe. He helped Zen become the happy, peppy pup he is today.

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And now Zen’s helping out his BFF in return. When Hoshi lost his eyesight, his Pomeranian pal was right there to help him along.

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“The moment I saw [Zen], I was in love,” Pauline Perez told The Dodo. “Little did we know the big role he would end up playing in Hoshi’s life.”

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Hoshi and Zen’s humans often connect the BFFs through a leash. And where Zen leads, his BFF trustingly follows along. But “even on separate leashes, Zen walks beside him,” Perez said. They simply love each other and always want to be together.

Now, together, there’s nothing this dynamic duo can’t do. They go for hikes, go to the playground, go in the water and more. It’s too cute.

And you can check out all of their amazing adventures on their Instagram account, the.fluffy.duo.

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