It’s always a happy day when a dog who has been waiting for a home — whether at a shelter or in a foster home — finally finds a forever family.

Sometimes, though, these dogs really hit the jackpot. That’s the case with Bella, an adopted dog who has settled in so nicely that she’s able to tell her human, Denise, exactly which types of affection and pampering she needs.

adopted dog happy

Bella. Image courtesy of Denise Gambino

Bella, whose previous owner kept her crated much of the time, surrendered her to the Mount Vernon Animal Shelter in 2014. This surrender turned out to be a crucial step toward finding Bella’s forever home.

According to Denise Gambino, who volunteered at the Mount Vernon shelter as a dog walker, Bella had “energy, and lots of it, to burn off.” Gambino told PupJournal, “Bella and I would jog, walk, or run through the streets of Mt. Vernon, NY into Pelham, NY for exercise and to practice basic commands.”

While it may seem like these walks and training were conditioning for Bella, it turns out that Bella “was probably conditioning me for herself,” says Gambino.

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sleeping happy dog

Image courtesy of Denise Gambino

Gambino kept walking Bella; she told PupJournal, “Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months, and the seasons changed and she still wasn’t adopted…Bella became my every Saturday partner and soon enough she was responding to me as if I was her owner.”

Soon after, Denise and Bella made it official. And Bella is happy in her forever home, to say the least:

Not only does Bella demand adorable paw massages from Denise, but she has a few other quirks that she’s only become comfortable showing now that she’s safe in her permanent home.

For example: Bella enjoys sitting like a human.

dog sits like human

Image courtesy of Denise Gambino

This seems like a perfect position to supervise the household and demand all the things a dog might need from their human. And Gambino is happy to comply.

According to Gambino,

“She is finally the pampered pitbull she deserves to be.”

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dog climbs tree

Happy Bella after being officially adopted. Image courtesy of Denise Gambino

Like us, dogs often show us the full range of their personality — quirks and all — when they are completely at ease in a home. We’re so glad that Bella is comfortable enough to ask for (and demand) the types of snuggles she needs.

sleepy pitbull

Image courtesy of Denise Gambino

If you want to find out if your pup might like massages as much as Bella, you can find an introduction to dog massage techniques here.

Header images courtesy of Denise Gambino