It’s not unusual to see polar bears in Churchill, Manitoba. In this part of Canada, they’re a known tourist attraction.

But one tour bus — which was showing visitors an Eskimo dog sanctuary — saw a polar bear doing something completely unexpected.

The bear was acting like a gentle giant, petting one of the Eskimo dogs.

polar bear pets dog

Source: David de Meulles / YouTube

The tour guide, David de Meulles, told CBC, “I’ve known the bears to have somewhat friendly behaviour with the dogs, but for a bear to pet like a human would pet a dog is just mind-blowing.”

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Fortunately for the rest of the world, the tender moment was caught on video:

Though these Eskimo dogs, or sled dogs, are bred to face almost anything, including bitterly cold conditions and predators, this dog’s calm reaction seems extraordinary.

polar bear petting dog

Even wild creatures need love sometimes, it seems.

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And we’re glad they both found it.

polar bear and dog

Source: David de Meulles / YouTube

H/t to ABC News
Header screenshots via David de Meulles / YouTube