Many of us have seen our dogs get “zoomies.” For those who haven’t had the pleasure: they can be brought on by baths, rain, a special toy, treat, or any other exciting event.

mighty finn zoomies

The Mighty Finn, who is a dogfighting survivor, used to turn down treats and be scared of certain things (like closed elevators). After Andrea Kilkenny adopted Finn in 2014, he quickly became comfortable with the family’s dogs and cats — his snuggling skills are infamous.

Now, Finn’s personality is blossoming even more. Seeing his goofy side is incredible! Watch him zoom after getting one of his favorite treats, pizza crust:

Kilkenny told PupJournal,

“Nothing makes us happier than to see Finn enjoying these small details of everyday life. And it’s great that he can put a smile on other people’s faces. This video got so many positive comments from people who got a smile or good laugh out of his silliness — I think Finn likes to pay it forward.”

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