Fostering a dog can be an amazing experience. Many potential fosters, however, have initial doubts or questions about how it actually works. And, many shelters and rescue organizations may not have robust materials on their website or available volunteers to explain the process.

Foster Dogs, Inc., a nonprofit that we’ve written about before, may have the answer to these challenges. They’ve created a free manual explaining the fostering process from start to finish.

foster dogs manual

Pups get a sneak preview of the Foster Dog Manual. Source: Foster Dogs, Inc.

Their new Foster Dog Manual, released on April 4th, is a “quick-start guide to fostering a dog.” The goal? Increase fostering across the country, thereby freeing up spaces in shelters for more dogs to be saved from abuse or homelessness.

“Fostering should be a positive experience, one that you will want to repeat at every possible opportunity.”

ariel twenty paws rescue operation foster bound

Ariel, a pup currently available for foster. Photo credit: Real Happy Dogs for Foster Dogs, Inc.

With help from Chloe Kardoggian’s human (Dorie Herman, a graphic designer) and dog photographer Sophie Gamand, the manual is not only beautiful, but is also accessible for beginners and useful for experienced dog parents.

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The manual has sections ranging from a “Foster Parents’ Bill of Rights,” to doggy-proofing your home, training tips, and additional resources.

shaggy foster dogs manual

Shaggy poses with some helpful reading material (the Foster Dog Manual!). Source: Foster Dogs, Inc.

Foster Dogs has made a PDF version of the manual available for free on their website. In order to help more shelters receive beautiful printed copies of the manual for free, the organization has created a GoFundMe page. You can help them reach their fundraising goal here.

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