In honor of Winter Storm Jonas, PupJournal announced a “Best in Snow” photo contest on January 23rd. The rules? (1) Post the best photo of your pup enjoying the snowy weather; (2) the photos that have the most “likes” by noon on 1/25 will be featured by PupJournal.

Below are the winners of “Best in Snow” 2016!

5. (Tied) Scout
This pup is all bundled up and ready for snow that is probably taller than he is!

scout snow boots

Image credit: Danielle Schnur

5. (Tied) Sadie
This was Sadie’s first snow; what a cutie!

sadie in snow

Image credit: Becky Armajo Garhart

4. Moose
Moose looks very regal against the snowy white flakes.

moose the dog

Image credit: Kimberly Nause

3. Leo
The snow got Leo super excited — enough that he jumped almost as high as the Christmas trees around him!

leo jumping in snow

Image credit: Sandy Critti

2. Kirby
Catch that snowball, Kirby!

kirby snowball

Image credit: Traci Renee

1. Jumpy Pup
This pup is springing around on the stairs and in the snow — and is the winner of our “Best in Snow” photo contest!

best in snow winner

Image credit: Lindsey Covington

Bonus: The following additional photos were selected by the editor. 

1. “I know I hid that bone under here somewhere.”

dog buried in snow

Image credit: Lindsey Covington

2. “My name’s Zorro, and I say you don’t have to sacrifice fashion when the weather’s bad.”

zorro the dog

Image credit: Brittany Adams

3. “I’m Jet, and I like to store a bunch of extra snowflakes on my head for later!”

Image credit: Nancy Groth

Image credit: Nancy Groth

4. “I’m Cody — and why shouldn’t dogs wear scarves?”

cody with scarf

Image credit: Stephanie Valentin

5. “Linney Lollipop to the rescue!”

linney lollipop

Image credit: Amy Otterbein Guadagno

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