If you’re looking for dogs with spirit, look no further.

These adoptable dogs-as-Game of Thrones characters are stealing our hearts — and hopefully the hearts of their future human families.

game of thrones dogs daenerys

Riva the adoptable dog poses as Daenerys Targaryen, the Mother of Dragons.

A “Mane of Thrones” adoption event, which is happening on May 21-22 in San Francisco, is a partnership between seven rescue groups, who are calling themselves the “seven kingdoms.”

These rescue agencies, which include the San Francisco SPCA, San Francisco Animal Care & Control, Muttville, Family Dog Rescue, Palomacy, Wonder Dog Rescue, and the Animal Care & Adoption Network, are game-ifying the adoption event to appeal to participants.

game of thrones dogs arya

Arya the eligible pup as her namesake, Arya Stark.

First, participants choose their “house” — House Dog is only one of several possibilities; others include House Rabbit, House Cat, House Bird, and House Rat.

Participants can also collect points before and during the event:  point for tagging the event on social media, 5 points for completing a scavenger hunt inside the adoption center, and 20 points for adopting a dog.

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game of thrones dogs olenna

Heidi the elderbull as Olenna Tyrell.

Several of the rescue groups, including the San Francisco ACC, San Francisco SPCA, Muttville, and Family Dog, are located on the same block, earning them the name “Rescue Row.” The event will take place on Rescue Row, and dogs will be available for adoption at all of the agencies’ facilities.

The San Francisco SPCA came up with the idea to name the adoption event “Mane of Thrones.” A volunteer from San Francisco Animal Care & Control took the idea one step further by superimposing adoptable pups’ faces onto Game of Thrones characters’ bodies.

game of thrones dog

Betty poses as Jaime Lannister with sword in hand (and toy in mouth).

We’ve seen rescue groups use unique strategies to promote adoption before. Good photos and creative approaches to showing dogs’ personalities can go a long way toward any dog’s effort to find an adoptive home.

game of thrones dog tyrion

JB as a sassy Tyrion Lannister.

This isn’t the first time the San Francisco SPCA has come up with a unique campaign: in the past, they’ve had lighthearted adoption campaigns such as “Certified Pre-Owned Pets,” which promised “joyful dogs [that] offer superior handling, exceptional lavatory control, and efficient tail-wagging.”

game of thrones dogs hodor

Shadow taking it easy as Hodor.

The “Mane of Thrones” event is no exception to this pattern of creative adoption strategies. And the best part? Dog adoptions are free at the event.

game of thrones dogs brienne

Diamond, the amazing deaf pup, as Brienne of Tarth.

The event will kick off with a cocktail party (also free) on Friday night, and local San Fransisco residents can take advantage of a photo booth for humans and dogs, a Q&A with a vet tech, and vegetarian and vegan food trucks.

game of thrones dogs

Fulton the pup is far gentler than the Lannister armor might suggest!

For those who want to learn more about all of the pictured dogs when they’re not in costume — but who are just as cute dressed as themselves, of course — you can find them on the San Francisco ACC’s adoptable dogs page.

game of thrones dog bow and arrow

Tyrion’s bow and arrow? Or a game of fetch? Luna is ready for anything.

For now, good luck committing to the right house (we’re House Dog, of course). We hope these canine warriors find their forever families soon.

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