How much do you know about the behaviors of different dog breeds? With so many pups in our families and neighborhoods, questions about the personalities of certain breeds often come up. How do we know whether a dog will be friendly, and how will we know whether a dog might be aggressive? Some breeds are perceived as more “dangerous” than others, but research has shown us that much like humans, dogs are individuals, and should be treated as such. The way a dog behaves–not his or her breed–is often the best piece of information we have. This information can be helpful when adopting, fostering, or simply passing a dog on the street. Test your knowledge about dog breeds, including “mixed breed” dogs, in the infographic below.

dog breed infographic -- all dogs are individuals

Source: Animal Farm Foundation

The Animal Farm Foundation’s mission is “to secure equal treatment and opportunity for ‘pit bull’ dogs” — a breed that is often wrongly perceived as aggressive. Learn more about their great work on their website.