Now that’s costumer service! Baxter the special needs rescue dog is now a happy, freewheeling pup thanks to his friend Andy Morales at Lowe’s Home Improvement. And Andy and Baxter’s adorable friendship is going viral!

When Andy first met Baxter at the Lowe’s Home Improvement store where he works, he couldn’t help but get down on the floor with him.

dog wheelchair lowe's

Source: Amy Jo Martin / Facebook

Baxter was rescued from a tough life in Armenia by Pawsitive Rescue Armenia. He eventually found himself in his forever home with a caring dog parent, Amy Jo Martin. Baxter is a special needs dog who needs a little wheelchair to get around.

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Amy Jo needed to give Baxter’s little doggy wheelchair a tune up recently, so she and her friend went to Lowe’s in Wilkesboro, North Carolina. They were looking “for someone who had imagination and could think outside the box.” That’s when they met Andy.

Baxter's dog wheelchair

Source: Amy Jo Martin/Facebook

Andy worked with Amy Jo for over an hour figuring out how to get Baxter’s wheelchair just right so he could zip around freely. He helped them attach an anti-tip rear to the wheelchair to support Baxter’s weight.

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Amy Jo later took Baxter back to Lowe’s to show Andy his new ride. As soon as Andy saw the adorable little pup, he got down on the floor to be on his level — and to check out how the wheelchair was working. It was clear that Baxter was back to his normal, cruising self with the fixes that Andy suggested.

Baxter dog wheelchair

Source: Amy Jo Martin/Facebook

“You know that saying about how a little appreciation goes a long way?” Amy Jo wrote on Facebook. “We truly felt that with Andy.”

And Andy and Baxter are best buds now. Andy even offered to dog-sit Baxter with his wife if they ever needed it!

dog with lowe's employee

Source: Amy Jo Martin/Facebook

Amy Jo spoke to a manager because she needed Andy’s amazing customer service to be acknowledged, and the manager asked her to share her experience on Facebook. She wound up sharing Baxter and Andy’s story on Love What Matters and it quickly went viral. It has over 24,000 likes, 2821 shares, and 407 comments.

“If you happen to live near Wilkesboro, NC, stop in Lowe’s and shake Andy’s hand,” Amy Jo ended her Facebook post. “He’s a gem!”

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