Poor little Liszka spent most of her life unable to play like a normal, happy puppy. After spending most of her time living sad, lonely days locked in a tiny cage, the cute pup could barely even walk. But with the help of her rescuers and her new forever family, this sweet pup is learning to not just walk, but run again.

Liszka was horribly abused and neglected by her owner in Poland. She was forced to lie in her cage in her own filth with little food or water. And her terrible treatment caused physical, emotional, and mental damage.

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When rescuers finally came for her, Liszka could barely walk. She was completely hunched over, and had developed contractures on her legs because she was forced to lie in that cage at all times. Liszka also developed a fear of people, and would shake when she met strangers because her owner had treated her so cruelly.

It seemed like Liszka had given up.

With the love of her new forever family, Liszka is the happy, joyful pup she always could be. And in the end, with a lot of hard work, Liszka started not only walking, but also running and playing again.

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But this kind of abuse happens far too often. In fact, this isn’t the first time Liszka’s former owner has mistreated a dog. According to Sylwia Zajac from OTOZ Animals, another dog had been taken from that owner. But when the rescuers came back, the owner got “so aggressive” that the police had to intervene.

Luckily, Liszka got the happy ending she deserved after her horrible ordeal, and has made an inspirational recovery.

While she still has a ways to go, it’s amazing to see this once frightened dog who couldn’t even walk bounce around the yard and roll in the grass like the fun-loving pup she really is.

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