Going to the animal shelter can be a scary thing: You’re all alone. You don’t know where you are or what happened. There are all sorts of new sounds and smells. And you don’t know where your family is or why they left you.

Sometimes you just need something to comfort you. For my dog, it’s her toy gator. For Smokey, it was his elephant.

Smokey is an adorable pup who was left at the Franklin County Dog Shelter & Adoption Center in Ohio on Valentine’s Day because his family lost their home after a fire.

After losing his family and home all at once, Smokey got scared, confused and depressed. So he turned to his favorite toy elephant for comfort. Now, he won’t go anywhere without it!

In fact, Smokey and his elephant are so inseparable that his info card at the shelter specifically said, “Keep my elephant with me!!!” The card described Smokey as a “shy sweetie.” He was a little shy, but he opened up and loved to play with his toys.

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Smokey wound up growling at people, though, so the shelter didn’t put him up for adoption. They decided to put him in a foster home so he could get used to his new situation. Luckily, this story has a happy ending for Smokey.

Some volunteers from I Have A Dream Rescue Organization came to see another dog, but the minute they saw Smokey cuddling up to his elephant best friend, they just couldn’t say no.

“He’ll do much better when he’s out of the kennel,” Susan Smith, the Franklin County Dog Shelter & Adoption Center spokesperson, told The Dodo.

And he already is! As soon as a volunteer went to see Smokey to tell him he was being rescued, his entire face lit up. And volunteers said that Smokey fell right asleep when he got in the car.

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Now Smokey and his elephant friend are settling into their new foster home. “Smokey is currently living in a foster home and doing well,” a representative from I Have A Dream Rescue Organization told PupJournal. And he is available for adoption through their organization.

I Have A Dream Rescue Organization will care for Smokey (and his elephant, of course) in until his family can take him back or they find him another forever home.

And with those big eyes and that smile, we know Smokey and his elephant won’t be waiting long.

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Header image via Jason Cooke / Facebook