Animal friendships between species make us feel warm and fuzzy — we’ve written about bonds between kittens and dogs, monkeys and dogs, and even ducks and dogs — but this one is a first.

A dog in California, rescued from the streets about a year ago, had a rough past. Ed Gernon adopted the dog last year, naming him Rex. According to CBS Los Angeles, within a short time after adopting him, Rex showed Gernon that despite his past, he had a soft spot for other animals in need.

Rex the dog and rescue hummingbird

Rex and Gernon were out on a walk together when Rex suddenly stopped and refused to move. According to Gernon, Rex spotted a hummingbird on the ground, covered in ants, who appeared to have passed away. Yet, taking the dog’s cue, Gernon took a closer look, realizing that the bird was still alive — but barely.

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Gernon quickly took the bird to safety and began nursing it back to health. The bird, who he calls “Hummer,” slowly gained strength. Although Gernon says he often leaves doors and windows open so that the bird may freely leave, Hummer sticks around — and seems to be especially attached to Rex.

Gernon remarked on the cycle of rescues in his household, saying, “I rescue this dog, he rescues the bird, the bird rescues all of us…and it’s just a miracle.”

Editor’s note: If you find injured wildlife near your home, please refer to the Humane Society’s state-by-state list of wildlife rehabilitation agencies for help.

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