Bueller the dog has come a long way in the last couple of months. In February, we wrote about Bueller when he began his recovery at the Sacramento SPCA. Bueller was born with “Swimmer’s Syndrome,” which left him without the ability to walk.

Bueller the puppy is adopted

Bueller, born with “Swimmer’s Syndrome.” Source: Sacramento SPCA

A number of strategies helped Bueller on the path to recovery. Water therapy, along with the care of a loving foster family and a “bouncer” device, helped him make great strides toward walking.

In February, the Sacramento SPCA posted this video showing Bueller’s progress:

Later that month, the Sacramento SPCA announced that it was accepting applications to find an adopter for Bueller.

The even better news? Bueller has found his forever family.

Bueller the puppy riding home

Bueller the puppy rides to his forever home. Source: Sacramento SPCA

Here’s the joyous moment when Bueller went home in the arms of his new grandpa (and beaming forever family):

To see more adoptable dogs, visit the Sacramento SPCA’s Facebook page. To make a donation, visit their website.

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