It has been almost a year since Philadelphia NBC10’s newscaster Keith Jones was left brokenhearted after a tragic loss. Though the devastating and unexpected death of his girlfriend, Cara McCollum, might have been an unendurable pain, Jones credits one furry little friend with helping him through the darkest of times.

Keith Jones NBC with dog

Source: Keith Jones / Facebook

McCollum, a fellow news anchor and former Miss New Jersey, lost control of her car and succumbed to the sustained injuries on February 22, 2016. She and Jones had been dating for nearly two years at the time of her death.

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Just six months prior to the tragic event, they had gotten a 9-week-old miniature Australian shepherd whom they named Charlie.

mini Aussie

14-week-old Charlie greeting his dad after work. Source: Keith Jones / Facebook

The love Jones had for Charlie was apparent on his social media from early on — but of course, he never expected that the tiny pup would be responsible for carrying him through the untimely passing of his partner.

mini Aussie

Source: Keith Jones NBC / Instagram

As weeks turned into months, Charlie continued to be a shining bright spot in his dad’s world. Jones told PawCulture:

“[Charlie has] become everything to me… He’ll jump right up in my lap or lick my face when I start to feel down. He’s been absolutely wonderful.”

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Jones went on to praise the incredible instinct and empathy of dogs. “They have this amazing sense and amazing ability to understand how you’re feeling before you even realize you’re feeling it.”

mini Aussie

Source: Keith Jones / Facebook

It’s precisely this ability coupled with Charlie’s happy personality that has helped Jones find a positive outlook on life again. As the months passed, Jones’ posts even regained a humorous tone.

Though this is Jones’ first experience being a proud “puppy dad,” he had plenty of practice growing up with family pets and is clearly an animal lover.

He has also spent the past four years on the board for Main Line Deputy Dog, a non-profit organization that helps people with physical and mental health challenges train their dogs to become certified service animals.

service dog

Jones interviewing Main Line Deputy Dog for a segment on NBC. Source: Keith Jones / Facebook

Jones, who is also an adjunct professor of broadcast journalism at his alma mater Villanova University, frequently takes Charlie to work with him on the set at NBC.

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As you can see, this growing celebri-pet is right at home both in front of and behind the camera.

dog on set

Source: Keith Jones / Facebook

But of course, it’s not all work and no play for this pup.

mini Australian shepherd

Source: Keith Jones / Facebook

In their free time, Jones and Charlie like to enjoy the outdoors, like taking walks around the Schuylkill River trail and heading to the beach…

dog beach

Source: Keith Jones / Facebook

Making new friends…

dog friends

Source: Keith Jones / Facebook

Watching their favorite sports, like the Phillies and Villanova teams…

dog sports

Source: Keith Jones / Facebook

Following the latest in politics…

dog politics

Source: Keith Jones / Facebook

Getting dressed up…

dog clothes

Source: Keith Jones / Instagram

Eating tasty food…

dog bagel

Source: Keith Jones / Facebook

And just hangin’ out…

Australian shepherd

Source: Keith Jones / Facebook

Whatever they’re doing, we’re glad they’re doing it together. Many thanks to Charlie for being such a positive force in his dad’s life, and many thanks to Jones for being such a wonderful puppy dad. We wish them many years ahead with lots of awesome adventures!

dog kiss

Source: Keith Jones / Facebook

Be sure to follow Keith Jones on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with Charlie’s adventures!

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