We don’t often hear positive stories when it comes to pit bulls and the media, particularly when there is law enforcement involved. However, those of us familiar with the breeds know that most pitties are sweet as can be, and are always ready to make a new friend.

That’s exactly what happened when Deputy Mark Elsaid of the Lee County Sherriff’s Office in Ft. Myers, FL, spotted a stray pit bull wandering the streets of a quiet neighborhood in the South District.

stray pit bull

Source: Lee County Sheriff’s Office / Facebook

Residents of the neighborhood told Deputy Elsaid that they were worried the dog might hurt local children. However, when Elsaid approached the dog, he found a friendly pup who was out and about hoping to meet new friends.

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dog at police car

Source: Lee County Sheriff’s Office / Facebook

“[The pup] didn’t want to terrorize the neighborhood,” Tiffany Wood, one of the office’s public information officers, told The Huffington Post. “He just got out of his gate, and just wanted to go and be friends with everybody.”

The Lee County Sherriff’s Office posted the adorable story on its Facebook page, stating that Deputy Elsaid gave the pup “sufficient play time and fun.”

dog at police car

Source: Lee County Sheriff’s Office / Facebook

We suspect that he may have even taken a little longer to find the owners, just so he could enjoy the pup’s company.

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“The dog just wanted to lick the officer and love him,” Wood said.

red nosed pit bull

Source: Lee County Sheriff’s Office / Facebook

The dog, whose name was later found out to be Red, was reunited with his owners for a happy ending.

“Not all dogs are bad, especially pit bulls,” Wood told HuffPost. “We don’t always hear the best things about them, but this story shows they can be really loving and friendly.”

pit bull meets cops

Source: Lee County Sheriff’s Office / Facebook

Many people commented with gratitude for the officer’s response to the dog on their Facebook post. We are thankful to Deputy Elsaid for giving Red a chance to show his sweet nature, play with the pup, and help him find his way home. And we’re guessing they were both pretty happy to have made a new friend as well.

H/t to Huffington Post
Header image via Lee County Sheriff’s Office / Facebook