Adam Goldberg has been taking photos of dogs for years. You may know his work photographing “pit bull” dogs. Now, he’s using his love of dogs and photography to help dogs have the best experience possible on their humans’ wedding day.

Source: A Gold Photo

Source: A Gold Photo / Facebook

Adam never intended to photograph weddings. He fell into it by accident when he connected with Kelly and Ilana of FairtyTale Pet Care at the recommendation of a total stranger. Here’s what he told us about the twist of fate that brought them together:

“I was calling around to all the different pet events in the area asking if I could volunteer and take photos. They were doing the same thing. The host of a Pub Crawl for Frankie’s Friends said I should reach out to them because they would love my photos.”

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Kelly and Ilana’s philosophy is a perfect fit for Adam’s work. FairyTale Pet Care takes care of the logistics of having your dog at your wedding and makes sure they are happy throughout the event (a.k.a. preventing them from getting bored!).

Adam’s goal with his pet photography is to capture the individual personality of our best friends at their goofiest and happiest moments.

Source: A Gold Photo

A pup gets a pep talk before walking down the aisle. Source: A Gold Photo / Facebook

For pup parents, this partnership gives them gorgeous photos and peace of mind knowing that their dogs are fully enjoying the special day.

Adam said:

“Now that we have combined forces, we can offer a service that brings happiness to not only the couple and weddings guests, but the family dog doesn’t have to stay at home or get boarded.”

And let’s be real, it’s nice to know you won’t have to pick up poop in your wedding dress.

Source: A Gold Photo

Source: A Gold Photo / Facebook

The photos in this article are from the wedding of pup Brandi’s humans. You can tell the family had a wonderful time, and so did Adam.

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This was his first wedding photoshoot and he instantly fell in love with the project.

“I love being able to capture the moments the wedding photographer isn’t able to get. [They might be] busy with the family/ceremony and I can hang off to the side and get candid shots that no one has ever seen before.”

Those candid moments often capture the sweetest memories.

Source: A Gold Photo

Source: A Gold Photo

And if this wasn’t sweet enough, FairyTale Pet Care and A Gold Photo donate 20% of the cost of their services to the couple’s animal charity of choice, making the experience all the more magical.

Adam and FairyTail Pet Care are located in the Tampa Bay, Florida area. You can learn more about their wedding photography and pet sitting on A Gold Photo’s website.

Header images via A Gold Photo / Facebook

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