It’s trendy these days to “rent” fluffy young puppies for a birthday party. Sadly, puppies from pet shops or puppies sold online are often sourced from puppy mills, save for those stores who have chosen — or are legally bound — to exclusively sell rescue puppies. So one young woman, a long-time volunteer for Foster Dogs, Inc., wanted to do things a bit differently.

Rather than supporting inhumane puppy mills, Amalyah Oren chose to flip the birthday “puppy party” concept on its head, throwing a unique birthday celebration instead: a “Pittie Party” in the park, featuring adoptable pit bull mixes!

pit bull party

Source: Foster Dogs, Inc.

Executive Director Sarah Brasky of Foster Dogs Inc. invited five Brooklyn-area pit bull mixes to their “Pittie Party” in Prospect Park. Each dog went home with a $100 gift card for their foster parent to buy them lots of treats and toys, and a goodie bag full of useful and fun donated items.

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Party guests snapped photos with the dogs, and spent time getting to know each one. The dogs varied in ages, including a young 8-month-old puppy and a 9-year-old senior.

pit bull puppy

Source: Foster Dogs, Inc.

Says Sarah Brasky, “These five dogs will all make amazing companions for someone, it may just take continued positive exposure in order for them to find a great home! For party guests and passers-by to see the dogs outside in the grassy hills of Prospect Park, sitting among other dogs, enjoying the sunshine on a picnic blanket, and being fed treats by young children, that can make a world of difference and show the softer side of these beautiful dogs.”

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“Approaching and asking to meet the canine guests, many families became open to the idea of interacting with dogs that they might not have otherwise considered meeting. This positive attention towards these excellent family dogs can make all the difference in getting them adopted. Each dog is unique, and each one will make their families very happy in their future adoptive homes.”

man pets dog

Source: Elan Alexenberg

The “Pittie Party” canine guests included:

  • JACK WHITE, Red Hook Dog Rescue
  • MR. BIG, Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue
  • HOLLIS SCOTT, Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue
  • KATIE, Sean Casey Animal Rescue
  • ASTRO, PupStarz Rescue

Foster Dogs Inc. has organized Puppy Parties (for rescue dogs, of course) for companies such as Swiffer, SplashThat, iHeartRadio, and Vice, in order to highlight rescue at corporate events and to encourage fostering and adoption among new audiences. This “Pittie Party” was their first celebration of its kind, from an organization who aims to highlight the joys of rescue, no matter the dog’s size, breed, or age!

dog with frisbee

Source: Elan Alexenberg

To adopt any of these “Pittie Party” dogs, email . You can also learn more about how to get started fostering a dog, or donate to Foster Dogs Inc. to support their efforts in saving dogs of all types.

Header image via Elan Alexenberg