Pregnant dogs who are found as strays or who are in need of rescue have a hard road ahead of them: they are often the hardest to find homes for, and can face health risks, along with the risks to the lives of their newborn pups.

Luckily, foster dog Grayce, who came into this family’s life three weeks ago, found a safe and loving home for herself and her puppies.

Not only is Grayce safe, but she even wants her puppies to be in the loving arms of her human, Stevoni Doyle.

One by one, she picks up the puppies and brings them to Doyle’s lap.

In the video, Doyle says to Grayce, “You are so precious,” and also remarks, “I’ve never seen a dog do this before!”

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While we don’t know exactly why Grayce chose to put her pups in Doyle’s arms, it’s clear that Grayce trusts her completely (and she gets some loving petting of her own in the process!).

We wish the pups all the best for a healthy start to their lives — and Grayce all the best in starting her new life as a well-cared for family dog.

Header image via Stevoni Doyle / Facebook