It has been a few years now since a group of nuns adopted a senior pit bull from the Hi Tor Animal Care Center in Pomona, NY, but their heartwarming story is still finding its way onto social media to this day. It’s a story that’s just too good to let go.

nuns adopt pit bull

Remy on the day she was adopted by some kind nuns. Source: The Recycled Catholic / Facebook

Brought to Hi Tor in 2013, Remy spent months being passed over before her prayers for a home were finally answered. You could even call it divine intervention.

senior pit bull

Source: Hi Tor Animal Care Center / Facebook

A group of nuns from Our Lady of Christian Doctrine in Nyack, NY, had lost their dog a week earlier and decided to visit the shelter to adopt a new one.

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Sister Veronica Mendez told News 12 Long Island that they “purposefully wanted a dog that nobody else wanted.”

Mendez went on to say, “I wanted to bring home a dog that might get euthanized if we didn’t take her.” When she saw the sign on Remy’s cage that said she was nine years old, she turned to her fellow Sister Virginia and said,

“We want this one, because nobody else is going to want her.”

snuggling senior pit bull

A scared Remy with a volunteer during her early days at the shelter. Source: Hi Tor Animal Care Center / Facebook

The women adopted her that day, and Remy fit right in and brought them “a lot of joy” almost immediately. The fact that Remy herself is considered a senior is just another bond with the elderly Sisters.

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Sister Virginia Johnson told media outlets, “She’s a senior and we’re seniors, and she’s a gentle dog, and friendly.”

nun snuggles pit bull

Source: We Love Animals / Facebook

According to the Hi Tor Facebook page, the Sisters have even brought Remy back to the shelter to visit while dropping off donations of food for the animals.

The little blue-nosed beauty who was down on her luck after her family gave her up and running out of time couldn’t have possibly been taken in by kinder souls.

happy senior pit bull

Remy really loves car rides too! Source: Hi Tor Animal Care Center / Facebook

We hope they all enjoy many years to come, full of snuggles and naps and spreading love around the community.

Header images via We Love Animals (left) / Hi Tor Animal Care Center, Inc. (right)