It has been a few years now since a group of nuns adopted a senior pit bull from the Hi Tor Animal Care Center in Pomona, NY, but their heartwarming story is still finding its way onto social media to this day. It’s a story that’s just too good to let go.

nuns adopt pit bull

Remy on the day she was adopted by some kind nuns. Source: The Recycled Catholic / Facebook

Brought to Hi Tor in 2013, Remy spent months being passed over before her prayers for a home were finally answered. You could even call it divine intervention.

senior pit bull

Source: Hi Tor Animal Care Center / Facebook

A group of nuns from Our Lady of Christian Doctrine in Nyack, NY, had lost their dog a week earlier and decided to visit the shelter to adopt a new one.

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Sister Veronica Mendez told News 12 Long Island that they “purposefully wanted a dog that nobody else wanted.”