The Montreal SPCA is not giving up the fight for pit bulls. After the pit bull ban was passed by city council on September 28th, the Montreal SPCA has now filed an application for judicial review in court on Wednesday in hopes of suspending the application of at least some portions of the new law.

The SPCA believes the breed ban is discriminatory and is contrary to Quebec’s existing animal welfare laws.

montreal pit bull ban

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Alanna Devine of the Montreal SPCA told the Montreal Gazette: “The provisions are discriminatory in that they create additional and punitive obligations for owners or guardians of pit-bull-type dogs, whereas this category also includes dogs that are not dangerous.”

A city spokesperson responded to media requests about the Mayor’s reaction and the lawsuit stating that the bylaw rests on the city’s recognized power to adopt regulations concerning animal control, notably to protect citizens.

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Many city councillors who voted against the bylaw felt that not only was the ban proven to be ineffective, but that it was also discriminative towards lower income homes and anyone with a former criminal background.

montreal spca lawsuit

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If the Montreal SPCA is successful in its lawsuit against the city, some speculate that it may create a domino effect for other provinces with BSL.

The Montreal SPCA judicial appeal is expected to be heard by Quebec Superior Court by the end of the week.

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