Bosco has been separated from his owner for over two years. Scared and on his own, the pup had to fend for himself. But after long, lonely years on the streets, Bosco finally got to hear his person’s voice again.

Bosco, a beagle mix, was leashed up in his backyard back in January 2014. Somehow, the poor pup got off his leash and got out. And Bosco’s been missing ever since.

For 764 days, Bosco had apparently been surviving by waiting at local restaurants and looking for scraps of food in the garbage.

Bosco with the volunteer

Source: Rescued Dogs / YouTube

“They can survive any timeframe. They just revert right back into their survival instincts,” Sheilah Graham from Missing Dogs of Massachusetts told Fox 25.

Missing Dogs of Massachusetts set up a trap by a dumpster near some restaurants and rescued the pup. Poor Bosco was absolutely terrified. He was shaking and seemed scared in his new surroundings.

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Luckily, this story has a happy ending. Graham called Bosco’s owner Bill Ballato and asked if he could recognize the noise in the background. It was Bosco! And of course Ballato recognized his beloved pup’s bark right away.

Bosco being rescued

Source: Rescued Dogs / YouTube

“All I heard was him howling and I knew instantly that it was him,” Bellato laughed. “And I almost fainted.”

Unfortunately, Bellato moved in the two years since Bosco went missing, and he has medical problems that prevent him from traveling to go get Bosco. So Bellato and Missing Dogs of Massachusetts are working on a plan to reunite Bosco with his owner in Rhode Island.

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But Bosco and Bellato did get a reunion of sorts. Bosco got to hear his owner’s voice again when they set up a FaceTime reunion! Bosco did seem to recognize Bellato when he called out, “Hey, bud!”