Dogs teach us so many things about love, bravery, and resilience. Rowdy, a black labrador, is teaching children the power of self-acceptance.

white eye dog

Source: white_eyed_rowdy / Instagram

In the last two years, 14-year-old Rowdy started showing signs of vitiligo, a disease that affects pigmentation. Many of us know that this is a disease that affects humans, with Michael Jackson possibly being the most famous person to have vitiligo, but some may be surprised to hear that puppers can get the disease.

white mask dog rowdy

Source: white_eyed_rowdy / Instagram

A vet confirmed Rowdy’s condition, which is not contagious and not harmful — it just makes him look a little different (okay, very different!).

Listen to his mom talk about how Rowdy’s vitiligo has changed their lives and turned her furry BFF into a celebrity:

Rowdy is using his fame for good. He partnered with the American Vitiligo Foundation (AVF) to teach kids that being different is really cool.

mask dog

Source: white_eyed_rowdy / Instagram

Some say Rowdy looks like a panda, others say he looks like a masked superhero. He’s definitely the latter to all of the kids whose lives he touches.

Unfortunately, bullying is something so many children face. Rowdy helps kids with vitiligo cope with the effects of bullying. He also teaches other children that just because someone is different, it doesn’t mean there is something wrong with them.

white mask dog

Source: white_eyed_rowdy / Instagram

Rowdy is just as loveable and as normal as any other dog. His human and the humans of AVF are hoping that Rowdy’s message will continue to make a pawsitive impact. We’re sure that with his big heart, winning smile, and captivating good looks, this pup will continue to change lives for the better!

Header images via white_eyed_rowdy / Instagram