Source: PACT for Animals

This may have been just another bedtime lullaby for 8-year-old Anna, seen here singing to her foster pit bull pup Laila, but the moment this video went viral, it became much more than a sweet moment between a girl and her foster dog.

For many people, this tearjerker was their first exposure to PACT for Animals, an organization that finds foster homes for the dogs of active military service members.

Anna and brother kiss foster dog Laila

Foster pups bring joy to foster families and peace of mind to active military service members. Source: PACT for Animals

PACT, which stands for People + Animals = Companions Together, is committed to making sure that companion animals need not be surrendered to shelters as the result of military service or medical crisis.

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When second-class petty officer Cristina Baez was deployed overseas, she turned to PACT to help her find a loving home for her dog Laila. Enter: the Masusock family, who took loving care of Laila until Cristina returned.

Foster dog Laila sits on the couch with foster family

Foster dog Laila with her happy foster family. Source: PACT for Animals

Equally concerned with humans and their beloved animals, PACT’s mission is to ensure both that active service members don’t have to choose between dogs and duty, and that families who can’t make an adoption commitment get to experience the joy of animal companionship.

It’s the very definition of a win-win.

Foster dog Laila in a superwoman costume

Superwoman Laila and her foster family. Source: PACT for Animals

PupJournal spoke to PACT founder Buzz Miller, whose enthusiasm and dedication for the human-animal bond was contagious. “We stress the human end of it as much as we stress the life of the animals,” Miller noted. “Companion animals can enhance our lives and at the same time we give [the animals] a great life. That’s really what PACT is about.”

Miller adds that having a dog can be a crucial benefit for military service members, in particular when they return from overseas: “[Having a dog] calms them down and enables them to function a lot more normally.”

Anna hugs foster pup Laila

Anna and Laila share a moment. Source: PACT for Animals

Miller also stresses the impact PACT’s foster program has on foster families, who aren’t able to make the full-time commitment to adopting a pup. “Our most dependable fosters and volunteers are usually over 50, 55, even 60, and they lost a dog…and they didn’t want to start over with a young dog.” Fostering enriches the lives of these families, who are eager to provide pups with a temporary and loving home.

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But nothing overjoys Miller quite as much as the reunion between a dog and her human, and he tries to be present for as many of these moments as he can. PACT’s benefit to all—Cristina, the Masusock family, and Laila—is clearly seen in this video, where Cristina and Laila share a beautiful reunion.

Cristina and Laila reunite at last! Source: PACT for Animals

To learn more about PACT for Animals and how to support their mission, visit their website.

Header image via PACT for Animals