If there is anyone who deserved to be named after a warrior queen, it was Khaleesi the dog.

After being found in August of 2015 with signs of terrible abuse, including the inability to use her back legs, and lack of an upper jaw, Passion 4 Pits rescue stepped up and gave this sweet pup the life she should have had in the first place.

khaleesi the pit bull

Source: Khaleesi the Pit Bull

Despite the awful state that Khaleesi was found in, she showed a fighting spirit, and her rescuers showed the same willingness to fight on her behalf. Khaleesi had four reconstructive surgeries for her nasal cavity, which vastly improved her ability to breathe and live comfortably.

Ultimately, however, Khaleesi’s kidneys were what caused her the most trouble. She was diagnosed with a chronic kidney disease, and in June, after many, many, treatments, her rescuers decided to make her final days and weeks as comfortable as possible.

And they were — Khaleesi was hand-fed chicken, she rolled happily in the grass, and she paid one last visit to the middle school students that she’d been providing comfort and companionship to.

khaleesi the pit bull sweater

Khaleesi in her handmade sweater. Source: Khaleesi the Pit Bull

But this morning, Stephanie and Mike — the cofounders of Passion 4 Pits, and Khaleesi’s human parents — announced in a Facebook post that Khaleesi had passed away. Stephanie said,

“Khalessi told me she was ready and I could see she was tired. This morning at 8:43 Khalessi left this world and left a huge hole in my heart. Devastating is not even close to describing how we feel. However her memory and her foundation will continue on.”

Khaleesi’s story will continue to be an inspiration to many. Below is a tribute video to her life and legacy.