We could all learn a thing or two from Momo the Pug.

You see, she wears a whole range of costumes that make her into just about the cutest pup alive, but she doesn’t let it get to her head.

Instead, she plays it cool — peering out from her one adorable eye, patiently waiting for her next treat, nap, or pampering from her humans.

pug in costume

Source: Momo the Pug

Momo is really in it for the long game. You see, if she lets her humans dress her up, she can convince them to do lots of things for her — like give her her favorite treats. Momo told PupJournal (through her human, Jac):

“My favorite treats are bananas and pizza. My dream date would be to order in a banana pizza and a watch Netflix while snuggling on the couch!”

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dog poop emoji

Source: Momo the Pug

And Momo doesn’t stop there. She even convinced her humans to publish an entire book on her behalf, without lifting a finger. All she had to do was continue behaving adorably, and let the humans base the book on her naturally funny nature. It’s called Pug Joke Book, and includes gems such as,

“Why do Pugs hate the rain?”

“Because they’re afraid of stepping in a Poodle!”

dog cow costume

Source: Momo the Pug

When Momo isn’t busy doing photo shoots, she gets to hang out with her favorite pup — her sister Darby. Darby is a King Charles/Cocker Spaniel mix, and happens to be an expert snuggler.

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pug cocker spaniel

Darby uses Momo as a pillow. Source: Momo the Pug

In between nap times, Momo has become such an expert at dressing up, she’s even taken on the role of curating the best pug costumes from around the internet.

pug star wars costume

Source: Momo the Pug

If you want to see even more of Momo’s amazing talent and dashing good looks, you can find her on Instagram or Facebook.

For now, keep up the good work, Momo — and may your humans continue to serve your every whim.

Header images via Momo the Pug