Walnut the Whippet of Cornwall, UK, has touched the lives of thousands of people since his passing last week.

Owner Mark Woods sent out a message on Facebook telling friends and fellow pet owners the sad news that 18-year-old Walnut had reached his final days.

He asked that people join their family Saturday morning for their last walk with Walnut on his favorite beach.

senior dog last walk

Source: BBC Spotlight / Facebook

Immediately, messages began pouring in from around the globe. Hundreds of people came to Porth Beach in Newquay in solidarity and to pay their last respects to the dog and his family.

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Though Walnut was too feeble to walk on his own, Mark carried him for nearly an hour while his wife Lisa walked their three other Whippets — Monty, Nelson, and Charlie. It was a touching goodbye marked by many humans and their canine companions.

dog final walk on beach

Woods (center) holding Walnut during the walk. Source: Sunset Veterinary Clinic / Facebook

But perhaps most surprising was a special song that was written overnight in tribute to the pup. “Walk With Walnut” is a beautiful acoustic song by Gee Kenny that was recorded and released through The Ethical Record Label, a recording company founded in 2015 that donates the first 12 months’ profits to select charities.

dying dog last walk

Woods sharing a tender moment with Walnut during the walk. Source: thisgirlsphotos / Instagram

Downloading “Walk With Walnut” for £0.99 (roughly $1.23) will benefit homeless cats and dogs: 100 percent of the sales will be donated to sheltering and finding homes for animals through the Battersea Dogs’ and Cats’ Home.

dying dog

Woods and Walnut answering some of the many messages they received. Source: Mark Woods / Facebook

Woods told The Daily Mail UK:

“I just burst into tears when I first heard it, it was so beautiful. I’m just gonna listen to it and listen to it, but at the moment I can’t get through it without crying.”

After the walk, Woods read the Rainbow Bridge poem to Walnut before saying his final goodbyes.

He told The Daily Mail that he thanked Walnut for the wonderful years that were given to him and took him to the garden for a moment alone. The Woods family decided to have Walnut cremated so that the ashes would always be near.

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PupJournal would like to extend their deepest condolences to the family and friends of Walnut. If you would like to hear/download Walnut’s song or donate on his behalf, please visit The Ethical Record Label’s website here.

H/t to The Daily Mail UK