From stick figure families to 2016 presidential candidates — we’ve seen it all on the back of cars. There are some stickers that stick with us, and some that make us laugh. created a bumper sticker that says just that: My Pit Bull is Family.

Every day over 1,000 people read the stickers that you have on the back of your car. That’s 1,000 people that can be educated by a sticker with a positive message for something you care about.

bumper sticker My Pit Bull is Family

Source: My Pit Bull is Family

My Pit Bull Is Family has been called a non-profit that has built an empire based on bumper stickers. With nearly 150,000 stickers around the world there is one message being shared — that pit bull type dogs are family.

Through these bumper stickers we are able to share a message of family and break the stereotypes of who includes these dogs in their family.

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One of the major issues facing families with large dogs of all types, specifically those with blocky heads, is housing and insurance discrimination. Finding a place to call home with your furry companion is getting harder and harder these days.

let's lick discrimination My Pit Bull is Family

Source: My Pit Bull is Family

Often when our volunteers call apartments to gather data, we are told that they “do not accept dangerous, vicious, killer dogs.” Now we know that this isn’t the case with the dogs that we love. We need to continue to educate and remain positive while showing the world and the naysayers that these dogs are truly family.

These families are loyal and hardworking people who just need a roof over their heads and a safe place to call home. The emails we receive at My Pit Bull is Family are from families with nowhere to turn. Our contacts range from Ph.D students to lawyers, doctors, and legislative aids. Many times money is not a factor in finding a rental, it frankly comes down to the pet policy of the complex or rental home.

young boy with two pit bulls

Source: My Pit Bull Is Family

Emails flood our inbox everyday of families searching for housing. We have one of if not the largest housing database for pit bull friendly housing. There is not always a rental in the area desired, but every so often a success story happens!

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Through our bumper stickers we have gathered supporters from around the world to come together to understand that a housing database is one of the best ways that we can keep families together. We are currently undergoing changes with this database to make it more user friendly and to of course continue cold calling apartments to gather information on their pet policies.

We know that there is a change on the horizon for families across the country, and it all started with a dream and a bumper sticker.

Source: Pinups for Pitbulls

Source: Pinups for Pitbulls

To order your sticker and to learn more, visit MyPitBullisFamily.orgAll proceeds allow the organization to continue to do events around the country and to purchase new database software.

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