I never really understood the love that a dog could offer a person until I got my English Bulldog, Momo.

My husband and I got Momo shortly after getting married, and she quickly became a member of our family and a large part of our lives. Momo has a typical bulldog personality: she is a tenacious, happy and silly creature. Her jovial and carefree personality makes her very relatable.

bulldog negotiates real estate

Momo the bulldog, a.k.a. the Negotiator. Source: Kellie Tinnin

I have been a real estate agent in Albuquerque, NM for the past eight years. In mid-2015, I began feeling drained and uninspired. I knew I needed to re-energize myself and transform the way I managed my business.

The real estate industry is competitive and plagued with “old school” techniques and conformity. I love what I do for a living, but I wanted more! I began blogging to express myself and occasionally used Momo to help me poke fun at myself, and certain aspects of the real estate industry.

momo the bulldog dressed for work

Momo, dressed for success. Source: Kellie Tinnin

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A lot of real estate agents market themselves with photos of their pets. The last thing I wanted was to be another agent posing awkwardly with a dog on their business card.

I pondered how to make Momo a part of my business while maintaining a sense of professionalism. My personality is much like Momo’s — tenacious, happy, and carefree. These were the attributes I wanted to use to portray my business.

My helper is ready for her next assignment… And a cookie. #bulldog #realtor #realestate

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Real estate can be a cutthroat, sales-driven profession. People are often intimidated by the thought of being approached by a real estate agent. I wanted prospective clients to know that I am not only an advocate for them, but I am also lighthearted, innovative and different.

I wanted my brand to convey these attributes and offer a fresh perspective.

I never imagined that the inspiration for my business brand would come in the form of a dog shaped like a 50-pound meat loaf.

Working with a marketing coach, we came up with a brand and business concept that meshed my two worlds: Momo and real estate.

bulldog working in real estate

Momo scoping out real estate in New Mexico. Source: Kellie Tinnin

Momo is now a part of my business both directly and indirectly. I pay homage to her in many of my property photos with the strategic placement of a ceramic bulldog statue. She is a part of my logo, and makes appearances on several of my social media platforms.

I never imagined that the inspiration for my business brand would come in the form of a dog shaped like a 50-pound meat loaf. Today, I couldn’t imagine my business any other way, and I can’t imagine my life without Momo in it.

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Kellie Tinnin is a Real Estate Professional located in Albuquerque, NM. She is a writer, blogger and best friend to Momo, the Bulldog.