Let’s be honest. Pit bull-type dogs are funny, from their giant blocky heads, to the goofy faces and antics they create, right down to their hilarious vocals. Chances are, if you’ve met one of these “types” you’ve probably had a good chuckle at some point.

goofy pit bull

Meet Sally. Source: Rebecca Corry / Facebook

However, the bad reputation they have gotten over the years—and the abuse and discrimination that they face—is no laughing matter. That’s why Rebecca Corry, an actress/comedienne inspired by her rescue pit bull Angel, came up with the idea to take her show on the road in 2011 with Stand Up For Pits (SUFP).

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red carpet

Kaley Cuoco, Rebecca Corry, and Angel on the red carpet before a SUFP show. Source: Rebecca Corry

Now in its seventh year, the Stand Up For Pits events continue to educate, advocate, and save the lives of pit bull types—all while making people laugh with amazing comedy. It has steadily grown each year to include more stops, this year rising from eight cities to thirteen. New stops on the tour include Raleigh, NC; Philadelphia, PA; Spokane, WA; Buffalo, NY; St. Louis, MO; and Portland, OR.

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The 2017 SUFP tour kicked off at New York City’s Gotham Comedy Club on April 30th, with a sold out show featuring an all-star lineup. Saturday Night Live writer Katie Rich hosted and performed, followed by Wil Sylvince, surprise drop-in guest Jim Gaffigan, Janeane Garofalo, and the woman behind it all — Rebecca Corry.

angel the pit bull

Angel in New York City. Source: Rebecca Corry / Facebook

Many who perform at or support the SUFP Foundation may not have experience with pit bull-types daily or even have dogs at all, but everyone that PupJournal spoke with agreed that abuse and discrimination is wrong and must end.

“This goes beyond dogs,” Katie Rich told PupJournal when asked why she would encourage someone to buy a ticket for a Stand Up For Pits event. “This is promoting basic human decency.” Rich is mom to a pit bull rescue named Lulu herself.

stand up for pits

Katie Rich. Source: Virgil Ocampo

“It’s good to see [pit bulls] in a positive light,” Wil Sylvince commented, in addition to mentioning becoming pescatarian and caring about all animals. “[As a black man], I know what the pit bull stereotype means — the idea that most are brought up to be vicious killers. It’s good to be involved with an organization working to change that bad rap, to get them out of the negative light.”

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comedian stand up for pits

Wil Sylvince. Source: Virgil Ocampo

Janeane Garofalo, who was performing for the fourth year in a row, is a pit bull mom herself and a staunch supporter of Stand Up For Pits.  “Once you rescue a [pit bull], you’re a convert because you realize they’re the greatest dogs who have gotten a bad rap,” Garofalo told PupJournal. “It is unfortunate that quite unfairly their reputation has been erroneously defined by a handful of alarmist news stories. A pit and a pit mix is the greatest dog you’ll ever have.”

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stand up

Janeane Garofalo. Source: Virgil Ocampo

Garofalo went on to say:

“Any kind of advocacy group for people and animals that are marginalized is important, but pit bulls most especially because people do not understand what a great dog it is. They prejudge them unfairly. It’s like a civil rights issue.”

Angel, who sadly passed away last April, less than a month before the 2016 SUFP tour kicked off, was still very much a presence — from the numerous t-shirts worn by attendees, to the pictures of Angel hanging all around the stage. Rich introduced Rebecca Corry, not by her name, but as “Angel’s mom.”

Stand Up For Pits

Rebecca Corry, a.k.a. “Angel’s Mom.” Source: Virgil Ocampo

Corry spoke to PupJournal about Angel’s continued impact:

“Angel changed people’s lives. A lot of people didn’t know her, but they felt like they knew her. Everyone has a story about what Angel did to change them, and they’re all different. They have a different favorite post, they have a different favorite thing she did… there’s just all these things she did that impacted people I wasn’t even aware that was happening, but was for many, many years. She was a great ambassador and teacher.”

Though Corry had no plans of ever adopting another dog and has stated on numerous occasions that there will never be another like Angel, she recently made an announcement that she had decided to officially adopt her foster pup Todd.

The pit bull-types that were featured are all waiting for homes, and they are no strangers to the whole reason this cause began. Pit bull-types are consistently among the most commonly found dogs in shelters, with nearly half being euthanized before they have a chance to find that loving home the deserve.

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pit bulls on a couch

Todd (left) and Sally (right) are among the “lucky” pit bulls, though Sally is still waiting for her forever home. Source: Rebecca Corry / Facebook

Spike is an 8-month-0ld pit bull mix who was found tied up and abandoned by the NYPD. He was wearing a spiked collar and harness, hence his namesake. “Spike’s former owners likely put those on him to make him look tough,” said Theresa Labianca, Director of Administration at SCAR. “But he’s soooo not tough.”

Spike enjoyed the attention he was getting from all the people walking around, but he really loved playing with a plush squirrel toy and sitting nicely for treats.

adoptable pit bull

Adoptable Spike. Source: Virgil Ocampo

Summer, a 1-year-old bully mix, was abandoned by her former owner when she went on vacation. The woman left Summer in the care of her roommate, never to return. Sadly, the roommate couldn’t keep her, so she has been waiting at SCAR for an owner that will love her to the end of days.

pit bull adoption

Adoptable Summer. Source: Kellie Stevens

Bentley, a 2-year-old pibble mix that looked like he could be part bull terrier, was dumped in Marine Park. The person who found him couldn’t keep him, so they turned him over to the shelter. SCAR scanned him for a microchip and was able to locate contact information for his former owner, but they never responded.

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Although his soft eyes and the gentle way that he takes treats are adorable, his most interesting feature is probably a shortened jaw that hides under his floppy jowls.

pit bull mix

Adoptable Bentley. Source: Kellie Stevens

There were other special guests that came to watch the show as well, like Ricki Lake and her adorable pup Mama. “I rescued her, but she really rescued me,” Lake told PupJournal. She also had only the best things to say about Corry, specifically: “Rebecca Corry is one of my heroes. She’s my inspiration.”

rescue dog

Ricki Lake and her rescue pup Mama. Source: Virgil Ocampo

You never know who you might see at these shows (like Ricki Lake and Kathy Najimy), or who might drop in and do a guest set (like Jim Gaffigan). One thing is certain: you’ll see a stellar line-up, because so many people recognize the importance of the Stand Up For Pits Foundation.

celebrities stand up for pits

Janeane Garofalo (left), Jim Gaffigan (center), and Rebecca Corry (right). Source: Rebecca Corry / Facebook

“You need to pay a lot more on your way out the door than you paid to get in here, considering what you just got to see,” Katie Rich joked as she ended the show. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, Katie.

To learn more about the foundation, donate, purchase some awesome gear (pretty much everyone was rockin’ a SUFP shirt at the show), or buy tickets to a Stand Up For Pits event in a city near you, please visit their website. These shows will likely sell out, so the sooner you get yours, the better.

sold out stand up for pits

The line was out the door for the sold out New York event. Source: Kellie Stevens

Be sure to follow SUFP on Facebook and Instagram as well, and keep an eye out because Corry has new ideas (like the recent Spay/Neuter Angel Day) in the works. You don’t want to miss out on any of this!

end dog fighting and abuse

Source: Stand Up For Pits Foundation, Inc. / Facebook

If you suspect someone is fighting dogs, call 1-877-777-2585 in LOS ANGELES COUNTY. National tip line number is 1-877-TIP-HSUS. If a dog fight is in progress, immediately call 911.

Header images via Virgil Ocampo Photography / Rebecca Corry