Rocky, the military working dog we wrote about when he was hospitalized in December and again when he underwent hydrotherapy earlier this year, had a very happy reunion recently. After months away from his handler, Specialist Andrew Brown, Rocky was finally able to see both Spc. Brown and his family.

Spc. Brown, when asked what it felt like to see Rocky again, said “Just excitement — it’s the only way I can describe it,” according to ABC News.

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Rocky has been working hard to recover from the broken femur that he suffered in an IED blast last year, and the military and the medical team that helped Rocky are hopeful that he will return to active duty. If he were to retire as a Military Working Dog, however, Spc. Brown said that he and his family would adopt Rocky.

military working dog rocky reunited with soldier

Rocky with Spc. Brown and his family. Source:

Spc. Brown told ABC News that Rocky is “a big part of me and a big part of my family.” Here’s hoping that this sweet reunion made Rocky’s recovery just a little bit easier.