Being an adopted pup can come with a lot of responsibilities — especially when there are new puppies in the house.

Evan the Survivor, a pup who was rescued from the second-largest dogfighting ring in U.S. history, along with his dog siblings, have recently taken in some adoptable puppies. Evan, along with his siblings Ivy, Emmett, and Penelope, are working hard to show these new puppies the ropes.

First life lesson? How to survive bath time.

So far, the puppies seem to be learning quickly. And, until they find their forever families, they’ll be in good hands — Evan’s foster family throws great dog birthday parties, and have even been known to hold summer camps complete with activities and merit badges for rescue pups.

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We hope these puppies find their adoptive homes soon, but until they do, we won’t complain about getting to watch their adorable faces in the tub.

Header image via Land Hippos