James Watt and Martin Dickie have given their canine friend Bracken credit as a co-founder since they first began their brewing company, BrewDog, in 2007. So it comes as no surprise that they’re dog lovers.

What is surprising, though, is BrewDog’s new “puppy parental leave” policy!

Labrador retriever with owners

Founders Martin Dickie (left), Bracken (center), and James Watt. Source: BrewDog / Facebook

dogs with beer brewdog

Source: BrewDog / Vimeo

The Scottish company, which boasts nearly 1000 employees from Brazil to Japan, is taking their love of dogs one step further and offering a week of paid “pawternity” leave to new dog owners.

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They are the first company of its kind to offer such a benefit, in addition to their already “enhanced” maternity and paternity leave for the two-legged arrivals.