“I think Ben knows I’m dying,” says Denali of his human, Oregon-based photographer Ben Moon, in this tender video tribute to a man and his best friend.

Directed and written by Ben Knight and narrated by the striking pit bull/husky mix, this video captures some of the pair’s last days of adventuring, and it is one of the most touching things you’ll ever see.

Ben and Denali did everything together. They shared a life full of adventure, traveling all over to hike, surf, swim, camp, and cliff dive.

man and dog adventure together

Making beautiful music together. Source: Ben Moon / Instagram

man and dog jump off cliff

Geronimo! Source: Ben Moon / Instagram

Denali even did a brief stint as a model, posing for Ben’s photographs. “I became so handsome that it was impossible to ignore,” Denali says. “When Ben started to notice, I had to start working for a living. … Oh man, those were the good old days, for sure.”

man and dog in hospital

Visiting hours don’t apply to dogs. Source: Ben Moon / Instagram

When Denali was diagnosed with cancer, it wasn’t a first for this duo. In 2004, Ben was diagnosed with Stage 3 colorectal cancer, and Denali stayed by his side as he went through his treatment, taking the idea of “man’s best friend” to a whole new level.

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This video shows Ben’s deep love and gratitude, as he makes Denali’s final days joyful, taking him to all their favorite places one last time.

mand and dog denali film festival

Film stars. Source: Ben Moon / Instagram

The beautifully-told story of Ben and Denali won the Best of Festival and People’s Choice awards at the 5Point Film Festival in 2015, and was an official selection Telluride Mountainfilm.

And did I mention it’ll make you cry, like, a lot? It will.

ben and new dog nori

Meet Nori! Source: Ben Moon / Instagram

This past summer, finally ready to give his love to a new dog, Ben adopted a rescue pup named Nori.

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Denali surely lives on in Ben’s heart, even as he and Nori prepare for some adventures of their own.

dog drives car

Student driver at the wheel. Source: noribythesea / Instagram

Header images via Ben Moon / Instagram

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