It’s hard to say how she got all the way up there.

A dog was stranded on the top floor of an abandoned house — one in a row of several vacant homes — and had no way of getting down. She was crying for help, hoping someone would hear her, and getting increasingly desperate.

The only possible exit to the house was a staircase that was falling apart. The stairway was missing its top platform, with only shards of glass and open air in its place.

When this scared dog saw the humans from Stray Rescue of St. Louis coming, her cries for help got louder. One of the rescuers, Aimee, told PupJournal,

“This sweet girl was crying and panicked when we arrived, but she knew we were there to help her.”

dog abandoned house

Source: Stray Rescue of St. Louis

Donna, the other rescuer responding to the scene, slowly made her way up the broken staircase to try and help the scared pup to safety.

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Though the dog was clearly scared about being lifted toward the broken staircase, she ultimately decided to trust Donna. Watch the dramatic rescue: