It’s hard to think back on the condition that these dogs were found in when rescued from the second-largest dog fighting ring in U.S. history.

Yet, this anniversary — which marks three years since the rescue — is also a time to remember the freedom, and the second chance, that these dogs were given.

It wasn’t always this way. Previously, many dog fighting survivors were euthanized because they weren’t deemed fit for adoption. However, thanks to strong advocacy on the part of many rescue groups, these rescue dogs began to be evaluated and treated as individuals, rather than dismissed wholesale.

Since 367 dogs were rescued in 2013, the survivors became known as the #367 dogs. Fittingly, now that many of them are part of loving families, the humans and dogs together call themselves the “367 family.”

The anniversary video compilation shows the true range of personalities of these dogs: some goofy, some quiet, some who prefer to snuggle.

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Andrea Kilkenny, who adopted The Mighty Finn, one of the #367 survivors, asked families to submit photos of their pups in order to create the anniversary video. She told PupJournal,

“It was a very emotional process to go through these beautiful images, and read the incredibly heartwarming stories about the dogs that people submitted with the images…I think it speaks to how loved these dogs truly are. They are family members now!”

The families of these survivors have given lots of love in return to these incredible (but also incredibly “normal”) dogs. The pups continue to serve as an example of resilience, and their ability to forgive and love humans after abuse is astounding.

If you’re interested in supporting the ongoing work to rescue dogs from abuse and neglect, consider donating to the ASPCA or to the Humane Society of the U.S.

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Header images: Screenshot via YouTube (left); The Mighty Finn (right)