Bernie, a sweet bully breed mix, is hoping to celebrate his fourth birthday — July 15 — in a forever home.

This sweet pup, who has been waiting far too long for a permanent family, has blossomed since finding a foster home in early 2016. His foster parents, Kiersten and Matt, have discovered that Bernie is an expert snuggler.

bernie the adoptable dog

Bernie the snuggle master. Source: Twenty Paws Rescue

Not only that, but Bernie has spent the last couple of months perfecting his hide-and-seek game. Bet you can’t even find him in this video — stealth!


Twenty Paws Rescue, the group that originally pulled Bernie from the local Animal Care & Control, was kind enough to translate Bernie’s own description of his best qualities (it’s pretty convincing). Bernie says:

I’m a redhead who likes long walks in the park, squirrels, and bird watching.
I’m a pescetarian, mainly due to my poultry allergies.
I’m all-around silly, love naps, and I promise I don’t have any commitment issues.
I’m ready to find my forever home so I can give my whole heart to them.

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bernie the adoptable dog

Handsome Bernie. Source: Twenty Paws Rescue

Bernie is lucky enough to be part of a special program in New York City called Operation Foster Bound, which helps pups who have been in long-term boarding or foster find permanent homes.

This program provides support to foster families so that pups have a chance to live with a family rather than in boarding while they wait for their forever home. Often, this is a chance for a family to get to know a dog’s personality, too.

Like humans, dogs sometimes have preferences about who they live with — Bernie loves humans, especially kids, but he’s scared of other dogs. He grew up in an environment where he was attacked by other dogs in the household, so it makes sense that he needs the support of his human parents to help him feel safe and loved!

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bernie foster dogs nyc

Bernie with his foster dad. Source: Twenty Paws Rescue

And, the foster family he’s been living with since early 2016 has been just that — a chance for him to be loved and supported. You can tell from their pictures that being in this foster home has allowed Bernie’s silly side to come out, too.

Rachel Gozman, co-founder of Twenty Paws Rescue, says,

“Bernie is a playful cartoon, an extreme goof with a heart of gold. He will always keep a smile on your face. You never know what new stand up routine he will come up with!”

Bernie also isn’t shy about demanding affection. Check out his special belly-rub song of sorrow:

As part of Operation Foster Bound, Bernie has received some special treatment lately, including a photo shoot by Leslie Leda which shows him off as the star that he is.

He’s also received dedicated training sessions, so he’ll know even more about how to be a great family member when he finds his special people.

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bernie foster dog

A picture of Bernie from his recent photo shoot. Source: Leslie Leda for Foster Dogs, Inc.

If you have a crush on Bernie (hint: we do too!) and want to find out more about adopting him, visit his profile on Foster Dogs, Inc. And, if you can’t adopt but want to help Bernie celebrate his birthday, you can find some gift ideas on his wish list.

You can also follow Bernie’s antics on Instagram.

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