Finn, a dog rescued from the second-largest dogfighting bust in U.S. history, is nicknamed “The Mighty Finn” because of all he’s overcome, according to his human mom and dog trainer, Andrea Kilkenny.

finn and lindsay

Finn and puppy Lindsay. Source: The Mighty Finn

After the ASPCA rescued the dogs, Kilkenny, an experienced trainer, volunteered to help. She assisted on the behavior team for the “367 dogs,” as those rescued from the dogfighting bust were known. She first met Finn during that time, and jotted a brief note to herself to “keep an eye on” him. She didn’t know then just how special Finn was. Kilkenny, reflecting on her work with the 367 dogs, said,

“Working on large cruelty cases and in emergency shelters isn’t for the faint of heart — it’s hard work, physically and mentally exhausting. But it is work that I thoroughly enjoy, and each experience I’ve been through like this is always life-altering.”

Finn was placed into a foster home, and in early 2014, Kilkenny spotted his adoption profile online. It was posted by Plenty of Pit Bulls, a Florida-based rescue. After reading about him, Kilkenny says she “knew that this dog was The One.” She also said that Plenty of Pit Bulls was open to the possibility of an out-of-state adopter (Kilkenny was in New Jersey).

Kilkenny says, “This rescue group looked at us as individuals, just as they view each of their dogs as individuals — a mantra every rescue and shelter should adopt into their policies.”

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mighty finn and mush

Finn with his adopted kitty sibling, Mush. Source: Andrea Kilkenny

Not only did Finn get along with Kilkenny’s dogs, who came along for the drive to Florida to meet Finn, but he “integrated seamlessly” with the family’s cats, too.

the mighty finn

Finn and pup sibling Charlie. Source: The Mighty Finn

Not only is Finn an expert at snuggling with his dog and cat siblings, but he helps Kilkenny in her work training dogs at Our Gang Pet Services. (In fact, he is listed on the staff page!) He has become a “helper dog” to other pups who don’t feel comfortable yet around dogs. His calm demeanor is often just what these dogs need to relax and learn.

finn charlie and page

Finn with siblings Charlie and Page. Source: The Mighty Finn

According to Kilkenny, Finn’s energy has a similar effect on people. She says,

“He goes to work with me, and has become not only a favorite among my clients, but a favorite visitor to some places we frequent such as the coffee shop, a pet supply store, a fresh produce market, and even a local barber shop. ‘Finn’s here!’ they shout out when we arrive, and some even have special treats behind the counter for him.”

For more snuggling and cute videos, you can find Finn on his Facebook page.

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